Clockwork Translations: technical translations by an engineer

My name is Alessandro Pierfederici and I am the professional translator and the engineer behind Clockwork Translations. I am specialised in technical translations from English (UK, US) to Italian and project management, offering since 2009 the following services:

  • Translation: translations using the most common CAT tools (see the Tools page) or, on request, using proprietary online tools of O&M manuals, user guides and manuals, international standards, etc. Upon request, I can provide translation services in the Italian to English (UK, US) combination having the final text proofread by a native English speaking professional.
  • Editing/post-editing/proofreading: editing and proofreanding of documents both human and machine translated into Italian.
  • Transcreation: translation and adaption of texts for promotional materials, press releases, websites, etc.
  • Project management on-demand: project management services for businesses needing a trustworthy, reliable and efficient “one-shot” project manager at a competitive cost.

For a detailed overview of my specializations, please visit the Specializations page.

Whether you are a translation agency, a business or a private in need of a smooth, timely, and technically precise translation or a skilled project manager, Clockwork Translations is your best partner.

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